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Saturday, August 20, 2011


wow..i'm so happy bila dapat tau my fren SJB buat giveaway for the 1st time to all the bloggers.
So, sia pun ndak mau lepas kan peluang utk cuba nasib and at the same time mau support my fren.

Giveaway ni so simple...cuma ikut ni 2 easy steps:

1. Post a title 1st Giveaway by Sjb and link back to her.

2. Place the above 1st Giveaway By Sjb banner in your entry & sidebar and link to this entry.
Easy kan... Then 5 LUCKY BLOGGERS will get 2 ITEMS - 1 KEY CHAIN and 1 FRIDGE MAGNET from kan hehehe...>harap2 sia ada nasib coz i like fridge magnet tu...(^_*)
OK, sesiapa interested, pls visit her blog..
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